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Aqua and White Bead Necklace
$15.00  #514
This is a 22" aqua and white glass bead necklace. The beads are 8mm (9/32) and are knotted between each bead.
50 inch Aqua 8 Strand Necklace
$10.00  #524
This 50" necklace is made of 8 strands of 1/8" square beads. Four strands are translucent four strands are opaque. Of the four opaque strands two are light aqua and two are a darker shade of aqua.
Vintage Pearl Festoon Necklace
$40.00  #543
This is a beautiful vintage festoon necklace. It is simulated cream colored pearls on a 16" chain and has a 2" drop. The large simulated pearls are approximately 1/2"(10mm) long and 3/8"(8mm) wide. The round simulated pearls are 1/4"(6mm) and 3/16"(5mm) 1/8"(4mm), the small teardrop ones are 3/8"(8mm). There are some tiny defects but this is a very lovely vintage necklace.
Simulated pearls
$15.00  #197
16" long pearls are 6mm golden brooch has rhinestones and pearls.
Amethyst Laveliere Necklace
$40.00  #573
This gorgeous necklace has a 2½" drop from a 15" chain. The amethyst rhinesone is 1", the amethyst colored beads are 4mm and the simulate pearls are 7mm.
Necklace of Glass Handcrafted Rose Beads
$25.00  #603
These glass beads are hand tumbled and polished. The beads are graduated in size from 5mm to 13mm. The necklace is 24" long
Gold and Ivory necklace
$25.00  #471
This is a 17½" gold and ivory necklace. It is made up of ½" cylinder beads, 11 ivory (5 dyed lavender), 20 gold and 22 20mm plastic beads separating the gold from the ivory with a barrel type clasp. I believe that the ivory is vegetable ivory but I don't know what the gold is. Condition is very good and it comes with a small pouch for storage.

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